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We stock film and tv partworks from all the leading UK publishers including Hachette, Eaglemoss, De Agostini, AmerCom. If you are looking for that single issue to finish of your collection, or want to buy the whole series we have it all. We also buy partworks - anything from a few issues to full collections.

  • Bonanza DVD Collection DeAgostini
    Bonanza DVD Collection
  • Dr Who - The Complete History Hachette Partworks
    Dr Who - The Complete History
  • Judge Dredd Mega Collection Hachette Partworks
    Judge Dredd Mega Collection
  • Marvel 2012 Graphic Novels Hachette Partworks
    Marvel 2012 Graphic Novels
  • Marvel 2016 Graphic Novels Hachette Partworks
    Marvel 2016 Graphic Novels
  • Sherlock Homes DVD Collection DeAgostini
    Sherlock Homes DVD Collection
  • Star Wars Fact Files DeAgostini
    Star Wars Fact Files
  • Top Gear Turbo Challenge BBC
    Top Gear Turbo Challenge
  • Warhammer 40,000 Hachette Partworks
    Warhammer 40,000

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